Yvonne Goll

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  • God. Rain. Laughing. Green.
    Adventure. Rustic. Ocean.
    Bicycles. Simple. Talking.
    Black and White. Smiles.
    Mascara. Giving. Loving.

    These are the things that make up my heart. I have found myself taking away the “more” from life and looking, instead, for simplicity. Photography is a way for me to do that! Molding, shaping, and finding just the right picture is something that really enables me to thrive. It’s an outlet to look at the world differently and that is what I Love about it. A camera lens allows me to see the often unnoticed, or the things others walk away from. The beauty is in the details, and finding those are small but breathtaking elements is part of my journey.  Finding the right shot is a thrill, and one I dare you to try one day! Look beyond the “More”, look into the simplicity of the world… It might surprise you!


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