Classic California Wedding at Limoneira Ranch

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    Breanna and Dylan celebrated their wedding in classic style (with a touch of modern) at Limoneira Ranch. Limoneira Ranch is a cozy venue hidden away in the Santa Paula farms. Here you’ll find lemon groves galore and a spacious reception area for plenty of fun to be had by all! Our two newlyweds chose the right time of the year to tie the knot, too, with sunny skies and warm air that brought big smiles to the faces of everyone involved in their special day! You can nearly feel the heat in the photos.


    The ceremony was held at the venue’s rustic altar, with vines and string lights hovering over the two lovebirds while they read their vows and said their “I do’s.” As day turned to dusk, the atmosphere amplified while the lights turned on, and so did the party. Breanna and Dylon’s friends and family brought the dance floor to life and everyone had an amazing night – us included! Again, many thanks to Breanna and Dylon for making us a part of your beautiful wedding.

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