Frequently Asked Questions

How do we pay you?

We take it all… Credit cards, Checks, Cash… 40% is needed to reserve your date upfront  and 60% is due the day of the wedding! 

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Yes! When hiring us for your wedding day we recommend an engagement shoot for the two of you. We think it is such a big deal to meet with you and get comfortable with us that we give you 50% OFF on your engagement session after booking your wedding day.

If you just need an engagement shoot without using us for your big day we offer a 2 hour session with 2 to 3 changes of clothes and up to 3 locations for $350.00 dollars!

When will we get our wedding photos?

Since we take a lot of time and care into editing ALL of the photos that we give to you the process looks a bit different than other photographers. We add a sneak peek to our social media roughly 2 weeks after the wedding to get you excited then roughly 6 to 8 weeks after the wedding day we will call and schedule a viewing of your photos. We want to be apart of the revealing process so we can see you again, catch up, and hear all about your honeymoon, and maybe share a meal. During that time we will view a highlight real of your pictures, check out a digital album that has been custom built for the two of you, and see if there are any large prints that you would like.

How soon do we need to reserve our date?

Since the calendar is up online you can see what dates have been taken. The sooner you book the better! You never know when the next bride will be there to grab your date.

Will the images be edited before presentation?

YES!! Every Single One Of Them! You can choose a few that you like to be edited differently. We have no problem changing up some of your favorites so you get exactly what you want!!


How far will you travel?

We will travel ANYWHERE! Because we LOVE to travel we also cover HALF the plane flight! We do ask for you to cover half the flight, the hotel room, and the rental car. If you live in an area where we have friends we will try to set up housing so you won’t need to bother with that.


Homeland Advantage:

If you live in OHIO or NAPLES, FLORIDA you are the lucky few that get the best deal. We were originally from Ohio and have a place down in Naples so all of our family and friends are still there. We do ask for you to cover HALF the plane flight and gas but we have cars to drive and houses to stay at so no need to spend too much money on the travel so you can spend more money on the honeymoon!


How would you describe your photography style?

Rustic, Vintage, and Classic, with a flair of Photojournalistic. Not only capturing the story but also the details of the day.

How many photos do we end up with?

Roughly 100 Edited Photos an hour! Fully Edited

What kind of albums do you have?



Where do I get prints?

You can order prints right from your online viewing gallery. Zenfolio is a top end printing company for many photographers all over the world. They have so much to offer at relatively cheap prices.


You also have the option of taking the copyright to any photography printing agency.


Do you bring assistants to your wedding?

We do not bring extra assistants to the wedding day. There will be two of us at your wedding, which is enough for us not to get in the way but also able to capture all parts of your day.