What is Refine

Our Refine Program provides artistic apprenticeships to young street survivors—men and women who have overcome the struggles of inner city life and desire to learn skills and trades in hopes of building a future as young professionals.


What we do

In Los Angeles, San Francisco, and any place you are reading this, there are thousands of girls and boys who have fought to survive life on the streets. Gangs, rape, domestic violence, probation, drugs, alcohol, sex trafficking, abandonment, poverty, jail, homelessness, and hunger are a few things that these children battle daily.

We at Yvonne Goll Photography want to do something about it! So we started the Refine Apprentice Program.

These children receive government assistance up to age eighteen and a lucky few until age twenty-one. At that point, they are left on their own with no job skills and very rarely a high school education. This is where Refine intervenes!

Young adults are referred to our apprentice program through non-profits and government organizations. An extensive interview process helps us determine readiness for program participation as well as identifying their skill set. Once this is done, we pair them with a small business that aligns with their passions and talents. In addition to professional training, they receive guidance in life skills as they work alongside these small businesses. These life skills may include opening a bank account, receiving counseling, finding a stable place to live, paying taxes, creating and maintaining a budget, paying bills on time, creating a resume, and learning how to interview. Responsibilities can be tough, but if we have people guiding us and loving on us while we learn them, it makes the process a lot easier.


How can you help

When you choose the Refine Package, you are supporting the apprentice program, a way to give back without doing anything! TWENTY PERCENT of every Refine Package that is sold goes straight back to helping our Apprentices get on their feet and begin their journey to becoming a young professional.