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San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographers

I'm thrilled you’re here! It means you’re at the beginning of a wonderful new adventure (and as you’ll see, we love a good adventure around here!). We are wedding photographers based in San Luis Obispo, the heart of California, but whether you’re marrying here, on the sun-drenched beaches of Bali, or in a romantic villa just outside of Rome, it is our joy to adventure through this part of your love story with you and bring back the images that perfectly capture the moments and emotions that make your wedding day uniquely you.



Our couples are whimsical, adventurous, traditional-with-a-twist. They’re not afraid to let their love-light shine + love a good story well-told.

food & Wine

commercial Photography

Shooting dozens of Central Coast weddings means falling in love with the local food, wine, and hospitality market! We bring the same level of professionalism + artistry to our commercial accounts, helping your clients fall in love with your brand. See some of our recent work below.



Capturing Your Unique Love Story

At Yvonne Goll Photography, we believe that great photos, like great moments, come from great connections.

That's why our entire process is designed to not only focus on the connection we have with you as a couple but also most importantly, the connection that you have with each other and all of your loved ones.

For most people, getting pictures taken by a photographer can be an intimidating process. We connect with you multiple times leading up to your big day to ensure you both feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

It all starts with our engagement shoot that helps you set the stage for your big day and start getting comfortable in front of the camera. Our photographers work with you to figure out what poses feel natural to you and how you can most authentically connect with each other on camera. By the end of the session, being in front of the camera will be way less scary!


For your wedding day, we always show up early with 2-3 photographers to get everything set up and make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible. Our wedding photographers seamlessly integrate into the event to capture authentic moments that you'll remember forever. We're always on time and exactly where we need to be so you can enjoy every moment without stressing about logistics.

We work closely with your planning team to help keep your event timeline on track and take the pressure off you if anyone has questions. Our staff will always be prepared in advance with everything we need to make you and your wedding party feel super comfortable and on time throughout your wedding day.

We love "Love", and we'd love the opportunity to capture the next adventure in your unique love story and deliver the images that perfectly encapsulate the moments and emotions that make your wedding day uniquely you.

Live for the moments

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