The Golden Hills of La Cuesta Ranch

The Golden Hills of La Cuesta Ranch

From being just classmates in their urban planning classes at grad school, their love began to flourish. Many days exploring the outside world and munching on the latest trending, exotic cuisines have pushed Timmi and Bryan ever closer together. After bonding over traveling and each others’ appreciation for delicious foods, it only made sense that they wanted to be in together. Bryan finally asked Timmi the ever so heart wrenching question, “will you marry me” on their trip to Japan. Timmi undoubtedly said, “Yes!” The two got married at La Cuesta Ranch in beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA. The wedding with the grandiose barn and beautiful golden rolling hills made the day ever so special. Thank you to both Timmi and Bryan for having us on their very special day! blog-3blog-2blog-4blog-5

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