Santa Margarita Ranch: Summer Wedding with a Country Twist

Fun Summer Wedding at Santa Margarita Ranch


Chris and Aubrey’s Central Coast summer wedding took place at the Santa Margarita Ranch. Established in 1774, the ranch is one of the oldest continuously run cattle ranches in California. Let me just say, this place is spectacular! The ranch is home to rolling hills, golden fields, ancient oak trees, and they have their own vineyard, need I say more? Put all of these components together and you have one great location for a wedding!


Chris and Aubrey’s wedding was  perfect for this beautiful location. Aubrey’s dress was fit for a princess! However, she stayed true to her country roots by rocking a pair of cowboy boots! Chris and his groomsmen’s khaki suits and the bridesmaids pink gowns complimented the scenery so perfectly. Their wedding was traditional, but with a country twist! The ceremony took place on a grassy lawn under a huge oak tree in front of their family and friends.


After the ceremony Chris and Aubrey set out on a hike around the ranch taking some of the most epic sunset photos ever.When the sun went down they returned to their guests for dinner and drinks. The reception was held in an old barn which created a rustic vibe. As you can see from the photos, love was everywhere. The bride and groom were beaming happiness all day long and we were so happy to be apart of it!Santa Margarita Ranch Wedding Photography, Wedding, Paso Robles California, San Luis Obispo California, Wedding Photography,

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