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How Many Hours Do We Need A Wedding Photographer?

8 hour wedding day

“How Many Hours Do We Need A Wedding Photographer?” When you’re in thick of wedding planning, you’re sure to come across so many questions you never knew to ask. From realizing your favorite flower is out of season to learning how much a plated dinner costs, you suddenly realize you’re out of budget and don’t...

Rainy Wedding Day San Luis Obispo | Andrew and Zach

Groom at Edna Valley Ranch Wedding

Andrew and Zach’s Rainy Wedding Day in San Luis Obispo How Andrew and Zach’s Love Story Began Leading up to their rainy wedding day in San Luis Obispo, Andrew and Zach started casually dating October 2018. The two didn’t expect things to get serious. Andrew was planning on moving to LA and Zach was finishing...

Do I Need Two Wedding Photographers?

do I need two wedding photographers

When planning your wedding, hiring a wedding photographer is essential to create lasting memories. While some weddings may only require single photographer, there are several benefits to hiring two wedding photographers! The decision to hire one or two wedding photographers largely depends on your wedding day vision and budget. Today, we’re going over some things...

A Sweeter Alternative to the First Look

trustworthy wedding photographers san luis obispo

“We’re not sure yet!” is what we hear most often when we ask a couple if they would like to do a “first look” or not. There’s something about the wedding day first look that’s magical, emotional, and can be one of the most treasured memories for years to come. But it can also take...

A Classic La Lomita Love Story | Jess and Abe

Jessica and Abe’s Classy La Lomita Love Story Jessica and Abe’s love grows at La Lomita Ranch in San Luis Obispo where their childhood dreams came true on August 8th, 2022! It was a beautiful day spent celebrating with all of their beloved family and friends but let’s go back to where their story began…...

Modern Barn Wedding at Flying Caballos

Diane and Alex’s Modern Barn Wedding at Flying Caballos Ranch in San Luis Obispo Diane and Alex’s modern barn wedding at Flying Caballos in San Luis Obispo was a dream come true on July 30th, 2022! It was a beautiful day surrounded by their closest loved ones. How Diane and Alex’s Love Story Began It...

Flying Caballos Wedding | Savannah and Jackson

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

Savannah and Jackson’s Flying Caballos Wedding! This past Saturday, June 25th, 2022, we were so lucky to capture Savannah and Jackson’s stunning Flying Caballos wedding. The whole day was perfect from start to finish! When we arrived, Savannah was getting ready with her bridesmaids in the farmhouse, and Jackson was hanging at the hot tub...

La Lomita Ranch Wedding | Shannon and Stephen

la lomita ranch wedding

This past weekend, we were honored to photograph a stunning La Lomita Ranch wedding… Shannon and Stephen tied the knot on Saturday, June 25 at La Lomita Ranch in San Luis Obispo! We were so happy to be a part of their special day. How They Met… Shannon and Stephen met at their first jobs...

Patriotic Marfarm Wedding

marfarm wedding san luis obispo wedding photographer

Megan & Will’s wedding plans were rearranged a number of times due to coronavirus, eventually leaving the two with the decision to throw traditional plans out the window and have an intimate wedding with their closest friends and family at San Luis Obispo’s Marfarm. The girls began the day getting ready at Megan’s childhood home...

Flying Caballos Ranch Wedding

bride and groom kiss at sunset at flying caballos ranch. san luis obispo wedding photographer

Terry and Kirk refused for one second to be phased by all that was going on in the world and how it affected their wedding plans. Coronavirus, random thunderstorms, and quarantined sons were just a few of the problems they dodged gracefully. The two were married on a warm August day at Flying Caballos Ranch...



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